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Foley, MN 56329
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Wild Bills Eatery & Brew 968-6900

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Wild Bills Eatery & Brew 968-6900

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Wild Bill's
Chuck Wagon

After the Civil War when the western cattle industry was expandin’ there was a need for some sorta mobile kitchen. Large cattle drives required men and men required large amounts of food.

A fella by the name of Charles Goodnight got credited with inventin’ the chuck wagon in 1866. In his preparations to take a herd of 2,000 longhorn cattle from northern Texas to Denver he revamped an army surplus government wagon, fittin’ it with the distinguishin’ feature, the slopin' box at the rear. The hinged lid became the cook’s table. The wagon’s box got fitted with shelves, drawers, boxes and barrels to hold food, utensils and supplies for the long arduous journey.

To the cowboys, chuck was food so the box of the wagon got to be called a “chuck box” and then the wagon became known as a “chuck wagon”.

Wild Bills Chuck Wagon 968-6900 Our chuck wagon comes to us from Rock Springs, Wyoming and it dates back to the 1880’s. As y’all can see, there has been a few repairs on the old wagon. The new bows and canvas came outta Marysville, Kansas. We hope you enjoy it. We think it brings plenty of cowboy character to Wild Bill’s.